Foundations of Guitar Mastery

Craft Your Guitar Artistry

Immerse yourself in the teachings of Ashwani Kashyap, a seasoned guitarist with 18 years of rich musical wisdom. Inspired by a diverse range of musical styles, Ashwani infuses his passion and expertise into every lesson, guiding students to unlock their full potential and cultivate their unique musical voice.

Gibson-Inspired Harmonies

Set sail on a musical adventure influenced by the esteemed Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar. Discover the joy of guitar playing under expert guidance, whether you’re a newcomer or refining your skills.

Ready to Strum? Let's Unpack!

  • Overview of the guitar and its parts
  • String names and their tuning
  • Right hand techniques (picking, strumming)
  • Left hand techniques (fretting, finger placement)
  • Introduction to guitar TAB (tablature) reading
  • Finger gym exercises for strength and agility

Introduction to musical notes

Notes in the English alphabet (A-G)

Understanding the chromatic scale and the note circle

Introduction to sharps (#) and flats (b)

Major scale formula and its application

  • Introduction to the notes on the staff
  • Note values and their durations
  • Understanding ledger lines for notes outside the staff
  • Recognizing and using repeat signs in music
  • Practical exercises for reading and writing music on the staff
  • Notes on the first 3 frets of the E string
  • Notes on the first 3 frets of the B string
  • Introduction to the C major scale
  • Understanding and practicing notes and rests
  • Locating these notes on the musical staff
  • Notes on the open C major scale on the G string
  • Notes on the open C major scale on the D string
  • Introduction to ties in musical notation
  • Understanding dotted notes and their values
  • Practical exercises to reinforce these concepts
  • Notes on the open C major scale on the A string
  • Notes on the open C major scale on the low E string
  • Introduction to 8th notes and their timing
  • How to read accidentals (sharps, flats, naturals) on the staff
  • Exercises to apply these concepts in practice
  • Introduction to basic open chords
  • Correct posture and hand positioning for chords
  • Common chord progressions
  • Exercises for practicing chord changes and progressions
  • Introduction to strumming techniques
  • Various strumming patterns
  • Applying strumming patterns to chord progressions
  • Visualizing the mechanics of strumming with musical notation
  • Exercises to develop rhythm and timing through strumming

Course Details


  • Total Duration: 2 months

Course Breakdown:

  • 8 Weeks

Weekly Schedule:

  • Classes will be conducted on a weekly basis.

Class Frequency:

  • Number of classes per week: 1
  • One High Quality Video Workshop

Session Length:

  • Each class session will last 60 mins.

Batch Fee:

  • Course Fee: ₹3500/month
  • The total fee for the 3-month course is ₹10500

1-on-1 Session Fee:

  • Individual Classes: ₹ 1250 per session
  • The Total fee for the 2 months 1-on-1 course is ₹10000
  • Ideal for personalized attention and focused learning

Flexible Payment Options:

  • Installment Plans Available: [Updating Soon]
  • Payment methods accepted: [Updating Soon]

Weekly Hours Commitment:

  • Attend 1 hour of class per week
  • High quality Workshop’s video of each session will be given to practise at your own pace.

Recommended Practice Schedule:

  • Practise and play along  with the workshop video given right after each session.
  • Video contains variety of exercises recorded at different tempos.  

Flexible Practice Sessions:

  • Tailor your practice schedule to fit your routine, but aim for a consistent 30 mins practice everyday.

Practice Tips:

  • Break down your practice time into focused sessions for various aspects of guitar mastery (technique, theory, repertoire).
  • Utilize online resources and exercises provided in class to enhance your practice sessions.

About the Instructor:

  • Introduction: I am Ashwani Kashyap, a science enthusiast with a passion for music and guitar playing.

Educational Background:

  • Academic Journey: Studied microbiology in college, blending scientific knowledge with a deep appreciation for the art of music.

Guitar Journey:

  • Self-Taught Musician: Cultivated guitar skills through self-study and online courses.
  • Passion for Music: Developed a profound love for music, making guitar playing a significant part of my life.

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Approach to Teaching: Focused on making guitar learning accessible, enjoyable, and tailored to individual student needs.
  • Blend of Science and Art: Infusing scientific principles into music education to create a unique and effective teaching approach.


  • Self-Taught Expertise: Acquired advanced guitar skills through dedicated practice and exploration.
  • Online Course Experience: Extensive experience in utilizing online platforms for self-improvement, bringing a modern and effective teaching style.

Passion for Education:

  • Teaching as a Calling: Driven by a passion for spreading knowledge and helping others discover the joy of playing the guitar.
  • Holistic Learning: Encouraging a well-rounded approach to music education, combining theory, technique, and practical application.

Contact Information:

Inspiration from Renowned Instructors:

  • Drawing Inspiration: My teaching philosophy is influenced by notable online guitar instructors such as Justin Sandecore, Steve Krenz, Juan Martin, among others.
  • Incorporating Proven Methods: Integrating effective teaching techniques and methodologies learned from observing and studying these instructors.

Structured 60-Minute Classes:

1.Warm Up and Quick Recap Section (20 mins):

  • Purposeful Start: Begin each class with a 20-minute segment focusing on warm-up exercises to enhance physical readiness.
  • Recap for Continuity: Dedicate time for a quick recap of previous lessons, ensuring a seamless progression in the learning journey.

2. Scales and Techniques (20 mins):

  • Technical Mastery: Allocate the next 20 minutes to delve into scales and techniques, providing a solid foundation for students’ skill development.
  • Systematic Approach: Break down complex concepts into manageable components, emphasizing hands-on practice and understanding.

3. Songs and Jamming (20 mins):

  • Practical Application: The final 20 minutes are dedicated to applying learned skills through playing songs relevant to the students’ proficiency level.
  • Creative Expression: Foster creativity and musical expression through collaborative jamming sessions, allowing students to explore their own musical style.

Interactive Learning Experience:

  • Student Participation: Encourage active participation during class activities, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment.
  • Q&A Opportunities: Allocate time for questions and answers, ensuring students have the opportunity to clarify doubts and deepen their understanding.

Utilization of Online Resources:

  • Supplementary Materials: Provide additional online resources, exercises, and tutorials to complement in-class learning.
  • Technology Integration: Leverage online platforms and tools to enhance the overall learning experience, making lessons accessible and dynamic.

Progress Tracking and Feedback:

  • Regular Assessments: Implement periodic assessments to track student progress and tailor future lessons to individual needs.
  • Open Feedback Channels: Establish a feedback mechanism to encourage communication and refinement of the teaching approach based on student feedback.

Comprehensive Guidebooks:

  • Each student will receive guidebooks tailored to the course, covering essential concepts, exercises, and reference materials.
  • Guidebooks will serve as a valuable resource for in-class learning and individual practice.

High Quality Workshop Videos

  • Following every session, you’ll gain exclusive access to our library of high-quality workshop videos. These videos are meticulously crafted to complement your learning experience, allowing you to practice at your own pace and convenience. With our comprehensive resources, you’ll have the tools you need to refine your skills and progress on your musical journey.

Weekly Assignments:

  • Students will be provided with weekly assignments to reinforce learning and apply concepts covered in class.
  • Assignments aim to enhance understanding and offer opportunities for practical application.

Bring Your Own Guitar:

  • Students are encouraged to bring their own guitars to class for a personalized and comfortable learning experience.
  • Using your own instrument fosters a connection and familiarity with your guitar.

Guitar Rental Option:

  • For those without a personal guitar, rental options are available for a convenient learning experience.
  • Renting a guitar provides access to a quality instrument without the initial investment.

In-Class Guitar Rental Fee:

  • A nominal fee will be charged for in-class guitar rentals, ensuring accessibility for all students.
  • This option is convenient for those who prefer not to carry their guitars to class regularly.

Convenience Fee for In-Class Guitars:

  • If students choose not to bring their guitars and opt for in-class guitars regularly, a convenience fee will be charged for the service.
  • This fee covers the maintenance and upkeep of the provided guitars.

Quality Assurance:

  • In-class guitars available for rent are well-maintained and of high quality to ensure an optimal learning experience.
  • Regular checks and maintenance are conducted to guarantee the functionality and playability of the rental instruments.

Flexible Options:

  • Students have the flexibility to choose the option that best suits their preferences and convenience.
  • Whether bringing their own guitar or opting for a rental, the goal is to accommodate diverse needs.

Certification of Completion:

  • Upon successful completion of the “Foundations of Guitar Mastery” course, each student will receive a personalized Certification of Completion.

High-Quality Video Gift:

  • As a special recognition, students will be provided with one high-quality video capturing their performance of a chosen song on the guitar.
  • The video serves as a memento of the student’s musical journey and progress throughout the course.

Featured on Website:

  • A dedicated section on our website will showcase the achievements and journeys of students who have completed the course.
  • Each student’s video will be prominently featured in this section, creating a lasting online showcase of their musical accomplishments.

Personalized 3-Month Journey Post:

  • In addition to the video feature, a personalized post summarizing the student’s 3-month journey will be created on our website.
  • The post will highlight key milestones, challenges overcome, and the overall growth and development demonstrated by the student.

Online Recognition:

  • The certification and featured video provide students with online recognition for their dedication and achievements in mastering the foundations of guitar playing.
  • This online presence can be shared on social media platforms, helping students celebrate their accomplishments with a wider audience.

Access to Certification Materials:

  • Students will have access to digital copies of their Certification of Completion and video for their personal records and portfolio.

Community Celebration:

  • The completion of the course will be celebrated within our learning community, fostering a sense of achievement and camaraderie among students.

Professional Video Production:

  • The video production will be handled professionally to ensure high-quality visuals and audio, capturing the essence of the student’s musical performance.

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