Welcome to AK Musicare's Exclusive Zoom Batch for beginners!

Are you ready to take your guitar skills to the next level? Our exclusive Zoom batch offers a unique opportunity to receive personalized instruction and guidance from our experienced instructor, Ashwani Kashyap, in a small group setting.

  • Registration: Sign up for our Zoom Guitar Mastery batch tailored for kids aged 10-16.
  • Select Your Day: Choose from Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday for your child’s weekly class.
  • Join the Class: Access the Zoom meeting link provided prior to the scheduled class time.
  • Engage and Learn: Participate in interactive sessions led by our experienced instructor.
  • Post-Class Support: Gain access to high-quality workshop videos immediately after each session for further practice.
  • Duration: The course spans over 3 months, with one class per week.
  • Timing: Class timings will be determined based on demand and student preferences.
  • Class Size: Each batch accommodates a maximum of 5 students for personalized attention.
  • Price: ₹3500 per student per month.
  • Immediate Access: Students receive access to high-quality workshop videos right after each class.
  • Reinforcement: Videos reinforce concepts covered in class and provide additional practice exercises.
  • Convenience: Access videos anytime, anywhere to enhance learning and mastery of guitar skills.
  • Pre-Class Resources: Receive PDF-based session notes prior to each class, outlining key concepts and exercises.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Session notes serve as a valuable reference for reviewing and reinforcing learning objectives.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Lecture notes provide clarity and support students’ comprehension of course material.
  • Expert Instruction: Learn from an experienced instructor dedicated to nurturing young talents in guitar playing.
  • Small Class Size: Benefit from personalized attention in small class sizes, ensuring optimal learning outcomes.
  • Flexible Schedule: Choose from multiple days for weekly classes, accommodating various schedules.
  • Post-Class Support: Access to high-quality workshop videos and session notes offers continuous learning and reinforcement.
  • Engaging Learning Environment: Interactive sessions and supplementary materials create an enriching and enjoyable learning experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master your guitar skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. Join our exclusive Zoom batch today and embark on an enriching musical journey with AK Musicare!